Snow White's Wicked Queen ~ a most gorgeous Witch!

Inspired by Walt Disney and his wonderfully talented animators, I wanted to do my own rendition based on my favourite witch ~ the wicked Queen in Snow White. My painting was done in prismacolor pencils. It measures about 9 by 12 in. I think that I shall render again this beauty in her more deadly state, that of the old hag holding the poisonous apple! 

I must add, if you have never treated yourself or your children in seeing Walt Disney's Snow White, then please grab a seat, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a wickedly good time!  Halloween may not seem the time for Snow White to many, but after seeing this grim fairy tale, you might just change your mind!  This film is absolutely amazing and I am in awe of its magical artistry each and every time I see it.  Having premiered in 1939, Snow White was a break-through film of its time and gave audiences a glimpse into this new art form of animation that would become the classic standard in the Industry, thanks to the genius of the visionary Mr Disney. 

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