The Witching Hour

The hot days of summer are passing, and I am definitely looking forward to the cooler temps of Autumn. There's a feeling about Fall that excites my senses. My creativity goes into overdrive and my usual night-owl habits get all the more intense. There's just something purely primitive and instinctual within me as the nights get longer and a full harvest moon is covered by slow moving clouds in a darkened sky. The changing leaves, the chill in the breeze, the cry of the crow are the tempting delights of All Hallow's Eve... I know that I'm not the only one who feels inclined to be deliriously happy and well content during this festive time of Halloween, but there is a certain magic in the air that simply stirs my soul. 

As my witchy friend, Theodora Brumball, often chants:

"Tonight is the Night
The time of Spirit
And of the Witching Hour
The night to fear it

Tonight is the night
White moon is full
Night of the Vampire
Night of the Ghoul

Tonight is the Night
When the un-dead rise
The dark surrounds you
And the black bat flies

For Tonight is the Night
Of All Hallows Eve
Time of Ghosts and Goblins
The Time to Believe"

Theodora Brumball © Weird Contessa Studio Creations™
The Witching Hour poem ©1985-2011 Gina LF Draker
(All Rights Reserved)

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