MR Moon™ 



(1) Here is a peak of the way I began MR MOON™ - first by laying out the rough shape. Then I sketched out a very rough idea of the face on the surface of the clay.

(2) The second stage was to cover the disc of baked clay with soft clay and shape the features into being. Soon the character of old Mr Moon began to take shape!

(3) Here is the Moon face as it was after baking. It is now ready to be detailed and sanded.
4) Here is the back of Mr Moon™ - with his craters and all!


~ is a custom sculpted piece, having been made for a special Christmas gift.

As no two One-Of-A-Kind pieces are ever exactly the same, being hand-sculpted and each delicately painted by hand, this piece is unique in its overall design and construction.  

However, I will be starting on other "MR MOON" designs featuring Holiday themes and Fairy Tales! And more to come on the making of Santa on a future post! Watch for more quite soon!


Walt Disney mock up in clay:

This was a piece I did yrs ago, sculpted in one night, for a meeting at Disney Animation in Burbank. It was done as a rough mock up - like carved wood - on purpose. I have been lately thinking of making a mold and taking the piece further from there. This was actually sculpted before Blaine Gibson did the Partners statue for Disneyland/the Disney Parks. And if it wasn't known before, it must be said that Walter Elias Disney was not just a visionary genius, but he is my true mentor and life-long artistic inspiration for becoming a professional artist. 

Walt Disney - sculpture in clay - © GLF.DRAKER. 

     Victorian Hurdy-Gurdy Circus Monkey

            *Haven't named him yet ~ any ideas?

My newest piece is this wee lad who is fully articulated as any good monkey should be. Inspired by the Victorian Hurdy Gurdy Organ Grinder's Monkey, he is smart enough to perform in any circus or Music Hall act and loves to be the center of attention! He is part of Weird Contessa's 'Wearable Collectible™' collection and can be worn with the beaded necklace or as a whimsical brooch with secured pin on back. He may also be kept as a free standing figurine under display. Remember, Monkey loves applause!

                  Monkey in the first stages of paint!

     Here is Monkey in the Rough clay prepared for detail work! 

Victorian Monkey - Copyright 2013 Weird Contessa STudio Creations™
All Rights Reserved