Phony Ghosts?

As an artist, I tend to be creative...all the time.
 No doubt that one can always find me drawing or creating by way of some other artistic expression. 
Thus, I love my iphone!
How fortunate to have this new technology on the go with "gadgets and gizmos a'plenty"...
My fondness for sketching knows no bounds and my iphone is quick on the draw! 
I dub my iphone sketches - 'idoodles' - and they will be appearing on this blog probably with more frequency than you may want to see. 
Below is a series of four doodles in transition as they are *roughly sketched on the screen of my iphone. I just use my fingertips and pick colours from the menu screen. There are many good little apps to use for sketching on the go, but this one is called "Doodle Buddy". I must warn you now that if you are anything like me, it is addictive, but worth every second spent in a long queue for a movie or standing behind that crowd of tourists  waiting for the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! 
So in honour of Halloween, I give you my little idoodle of the famed trio of Disney's Haunted Mansion The Hitchhiking Ghosts! 

Careful! They may just follow you home!

The Hitchhiking Ghosts are characters owned by The Walt Disney Company
idoodles by Gina LF Draker
© Weird Contessa Studio Creations™

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