~A Christmas Wish from my home to yours~


***A timely reminder for those with faith:
God didn't put us in a world bereft of Heaven. He created a world made of Heaven. Each child's face is Heaven's face. Each child's tender hand is Heaven's touch.
The splendour of an ALL Good and... All Loving Presence is found around us in such as this - in Nature's glory, in a perfect raindrop, in puppy breath, and in our child's embrace. Yes, for those who recognize good and right, if we dare to look, we see God's Heavenly perfect blessings in an imperfect world.
This earthly, temporal life is a life of choice.
We are not created robots programmed to love, nor is God a cosmic puppeteer in which we are forced to love. Because, to be able to love, one must choose freely to love...or it is not love, it is force, it is rape.
That is why choice makes us free. That is why choice makes this world imperfect.
There are those who refuse the Heavenly and choose not to Love others ... and yet, we are still not deprived of hope. Because the Heavenly still remains firm and true. As it is written: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
Yes, even in the depths of man-made hell, we see these Heavenly choices. These choices of Love overcoming such darkness. We see the choices of heroes who gave their lives in saving others. We see the love of parent and precious child. We see the outpouring of love of community and of nation. We see the love of that which we know to be good and right gives us meaning. We see Heaven's Righteousness alight even in the darkest hour. Faith, Hope, and Love.
We are created for such things as these.
We are created for Heaven.

It is my wish for my loved ones all ~ that each of you may see the Joy and Blessings from Heaven in this Christmas Season and discover that everlasting gift of Love incarnate once born in Bethlehem's stable.

Merry Christmas!
~ Gina

(Photo credit: This is a photo I took some years ago of my youngest daughter with our late, beloved doxie, Leo Manny, posing as the Good Shepherd watching over the flock!)
One of my new Christmas pieces, "Noel"!

  Merry Marionette Minis™ are original characters of Jesters, Lords, Ladies, Knaves and Knights of Fairy Tale whimsy.
Inspired by the Old World Punch-n-Judy, each character captures the essence of marionette theatre and is created in jewel tones with an antique finish.
These articulated minis can hang from a collectible stand, as an ornament, upo
n a beaded necklace or worn as a blouse adornment or unique tie pin.
~ Weird Contessa Studio Creations™ are one-of-a-kind original designs by
Gina LF Draker,
a professional prototype sculptor in the Toy and Collectible Industry since 1988.

Noel the Royal Jester™ is Copyright 2013 GLF. Draker
Merry Marionette Minis™ is a Trademarked Property of  Weird Contessa Studio Creations™
(All Rights Reserved)