#MerylStreep and bigots

Meryl Streep made herself another Hollywood gossip gusher who attacked Walt Disney with disparaging remarks about antisemitism and sexism. This happened at a National Board of Review dinner in which Emma Thompson was honoured (Saving Mr Banks), and it has caused a great deal of stir and backlash since being published in Variety.
 The facts are, such ignorant and insideous remarks are uninformed garbage gossip that needs reply.
 Maybe a celebrity of Ms Streep's caliber doesn't have to worry much about prejudice and bias preventing her from following her career in this day and age, but back in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s there were plenty of women having doors shut in their face to keep them from joining in a communal work force, not to mention the blatant racism that ran unchecked. And yet, the historicity of the company that Walt Disney created, and the core values he lived and worked by, should highlight the truthfulness of the man's character.  Adding to this are the substantiated voices of those who actually worked with Walt Disney, and who knew him personally, and have gone on record time and time again to refute the old rumour mills of agenda.
In fact, it is these very same voices of 'old-timers' who actually knew Walt that have always given gratitude for the surprising opportunities that their forward thinking boss ushered into his workforce. This array of talented artists and creatives and bright thinkers premiered the entry of women as designers, painters and animators and imagineers, and the inclusion of employees of all backgrounds and race.
So why do myths and accusations still raise their ugly head? It simply is due to wilful ignorance, as in this modern age there certainly are more ways of finding the truth than ever before.
 So, as to Meryl Streep, and any and all lazy thinkers, why don't you come clean and stop being one of the hyprocritical bigots you yourself are trying to point a finger at?
~ Gina 

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