Shor' it be ... a wee bit o' luck for Saint Patty's !


Tis ol' ~Casey Séamus O'Toole O'Malley~   himself! This wee jolly little leprechaun has made visible his spritely self for your mortal eyes just in time to join in the merriment
and mischief for Saint Patty's Day!

To bring alive the luck o' the irish, First I set about sculpting my wee leprechaun friend, and after a bit of detail tooling and then further baking, he was ready for the final stage of acrylic paints! 
To add much more to his lucky charm, I added a shimmering gold fleck clear-coat to his green suit! He might just yet get a shamrock pipe, too! 
Happy St PatTEA's Day!
Are you wondering what to serve for St Patrick's Day?

Well, first of all, you must know that the Irish take their ”cuppa tae” seriously !
TEA is the Irish National Beverage !
In fact, the average Irish tea drinker consumes at least 4-6 cups per day! (Not bad, but I think I drink more on my average day of sculpting! And you might say, it inspires me!)
Now, how to make a good Irish cuppa ?

First of all, m'darlin', you must have a good Irish teapot to keep the tea warm as it steeps. Warm the teapot before adding the boiling water! For loose tea, use one spoonful for each cup, (a generous spoon, mind!), and one extra spoon for the teapot! If using a teabag, it is one per cup and one for the pot! Remember, Irish like their tea strong - and it should steep for at least 5 minutes but no longer as to not burn the tea!
Please remember, to have a true Irish 'cuppa tae', always put cream and sugar in the cup first, rather than later.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day ! 

And remember what m' favourite leprechaun, Casey Séamus O'Toole O'Malley once told me ~
  "May the Good Lord kiss your head with wisdom, your lips with a smile, your heart with love, and your feet with the right road ...especially if trouble be after ye !"
Éirinn go Brách !

Sláinte !

                                                                                 Casey Séamus O'Toole O'Malley
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